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Total Property Magazine

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"Total Property" is Bayleys premier commercial, industrial and retail magazine produced 8 times a year to showcase a portfolio of dozens of properties throughout New Zealand. 

As well as profiling properties for sale, Total Property offers prospective purchases feature articles, insights, market information and advice from an experienced and independent team of editorial staff. From its inception in 1990, the Total Property marketing campaign has developed into a comprehensive, integrated programme that maximizes all available marketing channels, offering unmatched exposure to the widest possible audience here and abroad.

Any of our clients can advertise through total property magazine. This magazine is promoted through multiple distribution channels to attract a potential customer for your property. They are as follows:

  1. Magazine sent to a database of over 13,000 consisting of active buyers
  2. Total Property is displayed in Cushman and Wakefield’s 79 offices throughout New Zealand – no other commercial agency can match Bayleys national coverage.
  3. Total Property is displayed in 15 Koru Lounges of key domestic and international airports.
  4. Total Property is sent to a selection of key influencers and people closely connected to the purchasers we’re targeting, specifically bank managers, accounts and lawyers.
  5. Additionally, an electronic version of Total Property is sent to a database of approximately 15,000 individuals based locally and offshore.

Learn more about the benefits of selling through Total Property here.

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