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At Bayleys we offer a wide variety of strategic marketing channels.

Real estate is all about people and it's all about marketing.

In the dynamic online world our dedicated PR and marketing team are always looking for new effective ways to reach purchasers. With high advertising standards, powerful branding and a terrific set of online marketing tools, Bayleys targeted advertising reaches buyer eyeballs in New Zealand and abroad.

And Jeremy offers more than Bayleys industry leading best practice. He offers bespoke marketing packages calling on his new business and marketing degrees. He operates at the very edge of digital marketing implementing cost effective solutions for his clients. He takes pride in achieving the very best outcome for his clients and has a strong focus on multi channel online and traditional advertising to achieve the desired results for your property.

Call Jeremy (0276 555647) today to learn more about why marketing so important when considering a real estate agency and why working with Jeremy lifts the game to a new level.

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